The Prince Charming Syndrome

Blame Disney
Blame Society
Blame Parents
Blame Friends

for once…let’s try, “blame me, myself, and I”

The culture breeds young boys who hit maturity with a bang and start running, the ultimate race to lose their virginity, and once that is accomplished, to keep baggin’ virgins and whores alike, adding notches to their seemingly never ending belts.

or does it? Thru personal experience, I have met more men and boys willing to go the extra mile for girls they are interested in. Boys, men, who go thru hell and back trying to please girls, trying to be romantic, trying to fit the perfect Prince Charming they are told they need to be. Boys who genuinely want to please women and girls. 

Of course, every girl is a perfect angel. We all sit there in our pretty little dresses and smile and wait to fall in love with the purest heart and most innocent intention. Right?
Wrong, speaking (again) from personal experience, girls shy away from those romantic gestures. We avoid those boys who seem to be made in Disney heaven and gravitate towards the assholes we spend the rest of our lives complaining about. THEN we go online to social networking sites and sigh and dream and wish for those perfect boys we see online. The same boys that are next to us but we refuse to “fall for their tricks”. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could manage to get more confusing than that.


Here’s the thing, all that romance? That Disney perfection. The cuteness. The…prince charming thing.  It’s fucking scary shit! I’m going to give in to the temptation to generalize with this one word: pressure. The pressure to be just as perfect. The pressure to look and feel as lovely and and dress and gorgeously as the Disney princesses. The pressure to not be the stereotypical girl. The pressure to be…a Disney princess.

No, not all boys are cute and romantic, some really fit the stereotype. Not all girls are this confusing, some truly are Disney princesses.

But for all the boys that truly are that wonderful, the romantic types that always know what to say, I apologize on behalf of all the girls like me. I’m sorry I’m not perfect. I’m sorry I am not graceful, and that I am not always in a good mood. I’m sorry I am not Belle, or Jasmine, or Ariel, or any of the other princesses. 
Most of all…I’m sorry you scare me.

Chances are me, and girls like me, will spend our lives falling for the boys who don’t care. Cheaters, manipulators, abusive boys. Chances are we will encounter our fair share of Prince Charming’s.
Chances are you’ll never stop scaring us. Chances are we’ll rarely pick you. Not because we don’t want to sometimes, but because while we hope that those other boys won’t hurt us, the possibilities of us hurting you are great. We don’t want that. But we are human, and it will happen. So for your sake, we’ll stay away.

Chances are we’ll forever regret that. 

But don’t stop trying. Someday, you’ll get thru to one of us. Maybe we’ll realize we aren’t so bad after all, and you’ll bring out the best in us. Or maybe you’ll get lucky, and meet your very own Disney princess, to your Disney Prince.

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